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Please print or type requested information. Any items left blank may delay processing. Items with an asterisk (*) are required. Please attach current financial statements.
Credit approval normally requires 3-5 full business days.
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Has this company or any of the owners filed bankruptcy? If so, please give the name and address under which filing was made, filing state, and case number.
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We expect our monthly requirements to be $
If you are sales tax exempt, a tax exemption certificate must accompany this form. Please fax it to 325-646-5653.
(We) I have completed this application to obtain credit and certify that all statements contained therein are true and correct. (We) I understand and agree that any credit granted shall be paid promptly in accordance with credit terms, interest per month, not however to exceed the legal reate of interest, may be added to any balance not paid in accordance with said terms, invoices statements, and agreements. (We) I agree, in the event of default, to pay reasonable collections charges, attorney fees, and court cost. (We) I agree that credit inquires may be made and authorize the release of such information to you, including credit reports on principals of corporations. It is agreed that a faxed copy of the signatures on this document are as legally acceptable as the original.
Officer's/Owner's name(s)
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